Tom Kimberlin(non-registered)
Great work!!!! I just met your dad down here in Valdez and he told me about your photography. Amazing job on capturing the beauty of the outdoors.
Ellen Lehman(non-registered)

I got a card from a friend which had a photo from your Infinity Spines series -- what a beautiful piece of work! Kudos!
Ted Bell(non-registered)
Charlie....Your photographs are magnificent. Black and white captures the mood of your
beloved mountains and landscapes. Thank you for presenting such an outstanding portfolio of
Alaska's raw nature. Keep up the good work......Ansel...I mean Charlie. Sincerely, Ted
Patti Ricker(non-registered)
Charlie, l look at your photos nearly every day, I never tire of the beauty you capture. Iv'e lived in Alaska all my life and I have never seen anything like it, it's amazing, I feel like I'm there. Thanks.
Love you.
Obadiah Jenkins(non-registered)
I'm always meeting the most interesting people in the most interesting of places. This week was a good one for powder snow and the people who live close to Turnagain Pass. On a tour to the "library" past tincan propper, i met a fellow named Charlie Renfro. He stood out, partly because of his brightly colored jacked and startling quick pace, but mostly because of the huge camera in his shakingly cold hands and the smile on his face. Charlie is a local photographer whose photos i saw for the first time in the bake shop just hours before i met him. the images he captures in the mountains remind me of the best days ive ever had. thanks for bringing the stoke charlie! and the camera too!
Perry Solmonson(non-registered)
I've always LOVED Black & White photography. These are quite beautiful, awesome, fantastic and ALL those other words that explain excellence! I would love to get you out on Prince William Sound if you can make it over to Whittier this summer. Give me a shout. Nice work!
Paul's MOM(non-registered)
Charlie....your pictures are

Your pictures are FANTASTIC! What a talent you have!
Thank you for making them available for Paul to share with us.
You take the pictures we dream of taking!
Keep clicking!!!!!!
Adam Verrier(non-registered)
I sure do like these pictures, Charlie! Looking forward to the next outing.
M. Kaso(non-registered)
In an internet-world of hype and look-at-me media, pictures like these keep the STOKE in all of us alive and well. Thanks Charlie...
Dennis Ricker(non-registered)
Charlie, these photos are truly breathtaking. I feel like I'm standing on the top of those ridges. You and the rest of the crew are quite the adventurers. Driving thru Turnagain Pass and around the inlet will never be quite the same when I look up.
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